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Dine'h Sandpainting and Miss B

We are here collaborating with 2 artisans from New Mexico.  Rosie Yellowhair from Dine'h Sandpainting Yellowhair and Miss B Beadworks.  Rosie Yellowhair a well renowned artisan who has been sandpainting for 20+ years, her work is shown from Arizona's Heard Museum to an artist lover in Japan.  Rosie Yellowhair has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Miss B is a young up and coming artist who is a beader, crochet, paracord, and knitter.  She is one of the grandchild from Rosie Yellowhair.

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The Feather Dress

Tammy Beauvais signature dress with 3/4 sleeve, bell cuffs. The Feather Dress made to fit all styles whether dress or casual. Not made in China, Not sold to the masses at big box stores. You might own one and see another person wearing the same, remember you know the designer, and you know where it was made, made in Kahnawake Mohawk Territory (picture from Beyond Buckskin)

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